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I am very glad I found this web site. And I truly believe as an American it is my duty to vote for Al Gore in the 2004 Presidential Election. America as it is now is in a world-of-hurt and, if something is not done soon, will continue to suffer. It is still hard to believe that we Americans were led into believing that George W. Bush had really won the election! In case you were not aware, he didn't. And for those who just didn't know, you are now enlightened. I do fear if our "American Ignorance" contiunues to pervade and saturate our society we will soon be nothing more than "cattle" for our government. And you don't have to be a conspiricy theorist to maintain that opinion.

As I type this there is now, sitting on the "thrown" of America, the makings of a faciest state. If this current government is allowed to continue on their present course with their insane agenda, Americans will be one day soon wakeup to find themselves living a nightmare, a living hell. We now live in a Plutocracy, not a democracy. And our own government holds the keys to the "Gates of Hell". Our government is now led by a "Cattleman" and controlled by, not American citizens, but by an egolomanic corporate empire. Soon we shall all be subserviant to this "Government from Hell", and it is already in the works. Soon, very soon, we will (in many cases already are) find ourselves and our loved ones in a situation of no retreat and we have only ourselves to blame. Education is almost a four letter word in this country, and that is the way the current government wants it.

As we watch our tax-dollars being used for murder, we go off to war. War is not the glamorouse, T.V. induced, "magic" that our current government would like us to think. It is pure and simple murder. And if we allow our government to march into Iran with "truth, justice, and the American way" on it's side we are doomed to failure. Possibly even doomed to meet in a war-crimes tribunal. What the hell is WRONG with us, with America, the country of my birth? Why do we take such great joy in other, innocant peoples pain? What have these other countries done to us to make us so incredibly insane? To make us WANT to kill there children? We take delight in that idiot-box called T.V., that is one major problem. The other is we are LED to believe that we are "Out for Justice" when in fact we are not. I know it and "they" know it. And I do hope that one day, you will know it before it is to late!

We Americans just LOVE to watch things blow up! We LOVE to see blood, murder, and mayhem on televison don't we? Indeed we do. Has anyone ever seen what a "cluster bomb" can do to human flesh? Let me tell you it is anything BUT pretty! What a cluster bomb, or a GBU-58 (only one of several types deployed in our military) does is it contains 300-700 "bomblets". The whole bomb is dropped from a plane and when it reaches altitude deploys the bomblets everywhere. The bomblets are designed to explode, not at impact, but at "human level" or "soft-target" level. Once they do there is a literal storm of metal, and there is nowhere to hide. What it leaves in it's wake is total destuction, everything and anything is dead and there are no survivors to complain. The carnage is profound, the destruction total. We should be quite proud that American innovation can produce such an insane device such as this? Is THAT what we want the world to remember us for? I don't think so.

With that I call on the next president, President Al Gore, to NOT be anything like our current president! I ask Mr. Gore to let innocent woman and children live, here and abroad! And I ask this not because I am "unpatriotic", but because I am a genuine patriot to the great country. And I also ask that American wake up and smell the phospherous bombs that we will in no doubt be dropping over a few, third-world countries very soon, and to simply not allow it to happen. I don't want to be a murderer any more than I want to be murdered. And I don't want my children lying in an almost comical position in the streets, covered with body-parts. For years I was a "hired gun" for our government and served my country well. Now I see that, under the current administration, I can no longer close my eyes and hope to be led in the right direction. I am sure that once Al Gore is President he will change this government and most of it's psychotic leadership. I beg of him to do so. For if not, we will find ourselves to be the most hated country in the world. This change had better happen fast, for once we start the bombing of innocent people the media will once again be cencored as in the Persian Gulf "war". We won't see the carnage of war but only be shown how wonderful our technolgy is; who will be the terroists then? All we will know is that we went and "got us some of that oil over there" and we will be told just how virtuous this land is. Mr. Gore, save us. For if you can't I just don't know of the person who can.

Sincerely, Wayne

-- Wayne (wizardwayne@earthlink.net), September 16, 2002

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