JW Lindner

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My name is Valerie and I am looking for any information on J.W.Lindner My mom recently purchased a set of sculptures here in Calif for $25.00. and we are having no luck in finding any information on this person or sculptures. They are a couple a farmer and a girl. Both are leaning on a fence. They are both dated 42. with the initials JW Lindner inscribed. Any information would be much appreciated.

-- valerie lucero (valerie.lucero@sanmina-sci.com), September 16, 2002


If you find any info, please share. My wife and I have the same couple with the same identifying marks. Also, on the base of the girl figue is a sticker "New Art Wares" with the number 426B penned in. I hope (for all of us) that your mother got a great bargain!

-- Mark Harris (skbutch@aol.com), December 22, 2002.

My wife and I have both the sculptures of the woman and farmer leaning on the fence by J. W. Lindner, '42. We actually took them to the Antiques Road Show in Atlanta, GA, when it was here in 1996 or 1997 (can't remember exactly). They were appraised by Antiques Road Show appaiser, Nicholas M. Dawes for $200.00 to $250.00 for the pair. The pair that we have is in Near Mint condition with no chips nor cracks. As far as J. W. Lindner is concerned, Mr. Dawes was not familiar with his/her name. Therefore, we too, would appreciate any information on J. W. Lindner.

-- Charlie Corpening (waterturkey@hotmail.com), October 29, 2004.

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