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Hooray! The "Fun Quest for Magical Knowledge Boat Tour" is leaving the harbor! All those who wish to remain stupid, please return to the pier! It's Asylum *grenade goes off in a room full of invalids* Outpatient's ELEVENTH USLESS FACT!

Fun Stuff. There is an item in Final Fantasy's called "Dark Matter". Also is one called a "Black Hole". These are used for nifty things like building compatability with Diablos in 8, causing massive damage to targets in 10, summoning Odin in 9, mixing it up in 5, SO MANY USES! But what do you REALLY know about dark matter and black holes?


You don't know anything because THEY don't know anything! They're theoretical! Here's a quick run-down of what we think we know:

(1) The universe is too light to be so massive. There must be an invisible form of matter weighting it up. You can't see it. Dark Matter. Duh. On to the fun stuff.

(2) When a star or galaxy "dies", if it's big enough, it collapses on itself, resulting in a (relatively) tiny spot with infinite density. A black hole. If you brought a TEASPOON of black hole shit back to earth, it is thought is would weigh over a million tons in our gravity. Kind of like JR's mom.

(3) The universe itself, if it ever stops expanding, will collapse on itself. You will have all the matter in THE UNIVERSE in one place. Time will cease to exist. You will have A black hole. Nothing else.

(4) The point of no return is called the "Event Horizon". Once inside this field, even light cannot escape. The horizon is why most people think the holes are so big. Their pull is, they are not. You eventually orbit the black hole at light speed, and disappear forever. Since the hole itself is actually just a tiny ring-shaped thingy, you WON'T be visiting any other universes. You will die horribly.

Want to prove me wrong? EVEN NASA CAN'T! MOHAHAHAHA! THEORY IS GOD! There are lots who would disagree with what I've said, but I'm just going by the best sources (Stephen Hawking). The moral of this fact is that you are going to die. I promise you. You die, noone cares, Sun goes Nova, Earth melts, universe collapses, everything ceases to exist, ren dies. So stop fucking around, and start FUCKING! You only get one chance! Call your grandmother, educate yourself, fall in love, make some children, make the world a better place, knock a retard out of his wheelchair. A trillion years or so from now it WON'T MEAN COW ASS! That's the gist!

ps - yes, you can go off your top studying this shit. be careful.

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2002


Well the universe collapsing would theoretically (by my standards) not work. By the theory of the big bang, the universe did not exist and all there was was energy this energy converted to matter and anti- matter the matter being in excess so there was matter and energy left, this then collapsed on its self and exploded outwards forming stars and planets. These stars and planets are constantly moving outwards due to the force of this explosion. Which is why the night sky now is not what it was in prehistoric times. Scientists belive that when the energy of this explosion runs out the universe will collapse on its self, but i ask you if it all exploded outwards, whats left in the middle to produce the gravity to pull it all back together... eh, eh. what do you say to that? And i'm spent...

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2002

As I said, theory. And since we don't know where the middle of the universe IS, scientists have speculated that the middle of the universe IS the black hole that is supposed to be random dark matter. THAT is what will be left to suck it all back in.

Keep in mind that I do my homework BEFORE I post these things. ;)

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2002

True, but surely if the black hole there has a large enough mass to pull all the matter back to one singularity in the distant future why has it not happened, surely if it did have this greater mass it would have pulled it all together long the matter is moving outwards the black hole is having less and less of an effect and so surely will soon lose all its pull when the other matter planet stars etc get far enough away...just a thought...

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

It's because I destroyed it with a universe shattering FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

Well that sorts that out then...whats next on the philosophers think list to solve then..?

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002

Well, Zorch, first, there is every possibility that the collapse of the universe could still happen (even though it hasn't happened yet) simply because one has to look at the cosmological timeline, which neither of us really have good access to. But, with the best data from the speed and distance of interstellar bodies from the Earth, the estimated age of the universe, and the best numbers we have on the amount of mass, it would be possible to make a very rough estimate of when that collapse would happen--which, assuredly, wouldn't happen for billions of years to come.

But of course there's always the question of whether there is enough matter in the first place. If there isn't enough, then no collapse will happen, and the Universe will die in a whisper.

This is a philosophically (and theologically) interesting question because it involves the question of whether the universe is eternal or created. If there is enough matter to cause a Big Crunch, the implication is that the universe follows a circular pattern; while this discovery would not negate the existence of a purposer (or "unmoved mover"), it doesn't help it either.

However, if there is _not_ enough matter in the universe to cause a Big Crunch, and it dies in a cold whisper, then this negates the possibility that the Universe has existed in all ages as a cycle of Crunches and Bangs. Which means that this is the one and only Universe that we can know of through the observation of nature. This is more conducive to the notion of an "unmoved mover," as science can approach but never actually reach Time = 0.

It's an interesting thought, but cosmology is a poor preacher. It takes more than numbers to bring a hardened modernist skeptic to any kind of theism.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

I think that when you fly into a black hole, you will run into all sorts of starwars faggets with laser guns.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

on second thought, mebbe not, maybe u'll run in2 cap'n picard, or captain Kirk even.

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

Nah, I like the idea of thousands of Nerdies running out at ya with lightsabers and laser guns. Hehehehe...

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

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