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ok i just got through earths show in nyc. ok i get there and sit there two bands before earth comes on. the first band, " analog bubble" was a very good trancey melodic rock band. the second band was one dude with a laptop spewing forth aphex twin beats and screwed up noise for a half hour ( that felt like 3 hours) while two people played jenga next to him onstage. presumably so people would have something to look at besides a dude with his laptop. FINALLY the moment we have all been waiting for ARRIVES! earth is supposed to be coming on, but all i see is this practically middle aged dude with a blue dress shirt, tie and vest come on the stage. i assume hes some guy getting things ready. but then he straps on the guitar.... ok, maybe the rhythm guitarist? oh wait no! thats dylan carlson!!!! wow. he looks different from his cameo in kurt and courtney. lol. i guess its been a while. but its slightly weird. i mean the suit and everything. anyway, as for the performance he kicks off with a typical dirgey, sludgy piece of music that lasts the entire short time hes on stage. the consistency of the show is really no suprise, if youve followed accounts of his previous shows. but it was pretty disappointing, that after 8 friggin years, some dude that looks like a hotel concierge comes on stage and just jams with a drummer. after he left the stage a beer can was throw at the stage and alot of angry earth fans started yelling requests for one more song, or just a SONG. a few satisfied customers but a lot of angry, dirty grungy kids that just looked either confused or bummed. oh well. some guy even screamed if he could have his money back. oh well. i left at the same time a big chunk of the crowd left, but maybe he did honor the request to play some more. oh well if anybody sees the DC performance please tell me about it.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002



-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

The following was posted on the Melvins-L Listserv List :

"saw earth in ny last night. it was, hands down the greatest rock- oriented performance i have ever seen. incredible. and thats all i have got to say about that."

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

hmmmm, best rock orientented performance? everybodys entitled to their opinions, but i think this guy was just a little too excited to be there ( like i was ) and didnt think about how much better it could of been. true however that i was a little too harsh. so i like that another opinion has been viewed so we can even the balance a little bit!! all i can say is i dont even go out that much and LOVE earth and it still didnt completley blow me away.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

Another reponse from the same Melvins list :

"I'd echo this experience . . . except for the fact that EARTH's stuff, at least from what I've heard on the two albums I own, doesn't consist of *songs* per se but repetitive variations on the same riff (at least that is how it sounds to me). I still don't get it . . . I had the same reaction to the suite and my response after they quit was 'that was IT?' . . . I thought the drummer sucked, too. i think a second guitar would have complimented him so much better, as on the albums."

A fair ammount of Earth discussion here : Just go down the list and click click.

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002

Personally I'm thrilled that Earth are playing again, I mean its been SIX years since their last gig !!

I'd love to get recordings of these latest shows (hint)

Hopefully No Quarter Records will be able to release some Earth stuff soon.

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2002

And I thought DC looked nice in 'K and C'...

Earth did a good job at the Knitting Factory

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2002

I saw D.C. in D.C (sorry couldn't resist). He played at this place called The Velvet Lounge. The billing was Woolly Mammoth, Stinking Lizaveta, and Earth. He and his girlfriend Aurelia (sp.?) Davis played a really cool song they said would be released "shortly". Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't most of his songs "dirgey" and "sludgy". I thought Earth gave a really good performance, though maybe two songs instead of one would have been in order. Dylan arrived pretty early before the show, and I got to meet him and talk to him before any of the bands started playing. He and his girlfriend were really cool and gave me some free Earth stuff after I told him what a big fan I was of his. I thought the new look was cool. Maybe I have shitty taste. It was a shock to see him dressed like that when compared to his old pictures from the early 90's. A lot of the people there (non-Earth fans) looked like they didn't "get it" after his show was over, but oh well, it's their loss. I wasn't disappointed. It was good to see him making music again after such a long lapse, and great to see him in person for the first time.

-- Anonymous, September 21, 2002

yea i loved it, but i was in a horrible mood when i saw it and i was bitter that i didnt get to hear more, that they didnt play more then one piece, that they didnt play some old material. etc etc. i guess i kinda thought that would be the last time i would see them play so i was a little bummed. even people who seemed enthusiastic when they were playing seemed to get a little angry at the end. i got the vibe that they only heard of earth after that cobain track surfaced though, mainly because of all the requests for " german dental work!" or " divine and bright!". its all good though.

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2002

I've posted some photos I shot @ the Earth show in D.C., if anyone's interested:

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2002

Dan: Very cool photos :) Thanks for posting them.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

lol, i fell asleep stoned, listening to earth 2 and had a dream that i was at an outside earth gig. there were all these young fans who kept on screaming at him for not playing any nirvana songs. then they all left and i jsut sat there on the stage requesting songs to play. first he started playing blues and then some weird melodic piece then i asked him to play " high command". THAT show was bitching. heheh it was pretty interesting. just decided to let everyone know since nothing else is happenin on this board. lol

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2002

Yeah I guess after the tour everyone here's feeling kinda anti- climatic. Well, Earth 2 is bound to give you interesting dreams. I used to listen to that after work as I was falling asleep. High Command is about the closest thing Earth has to a mainstream rock song (normal length, verse-chorus-verse structure, lyrics, etc.) It would have been cool if they had performed that, and maybe Tallahassee, Coda Maestoso, and Song 4. Maybe next time (whenever that is). Earth covering Nirvana? Interesting idea, what songs do you think would be good for them to cover?

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2002

i think me seeing tons of malcontent young fans requesting earth to play nirvana songs in my dream was caused by some kind of mix between seeing a few people at his show, showing up mainly because he had something to do with kurt ( i have to admit i got turned on to earth after hearing their music in that documentary about kurt and courtney) and the fact that a few people were yelling for a SONG to be played IE " german dental work" or " divine and bright!". it made me kinda sad to see disappointed kids there. i kinda wanted to slap em. heheh. ANYWAYS, in terms of nirvana covers, i guess " moist vagina" and that noise jam at the end of nervermind , serve the servants ,slowed down negative creep and maybe hairspray queen would work. it would be cool if dylan rearranged/extended/improvised over them. actually that would be awesome! then theres the songs that wouldnt really fit their style as much but that i would like to hear for the hell of it: smells like teen spirit, tourettes and all apologies. as for other bands i think it would be cool if earth tried to cover some sabbath or kyuss and even some deftones. even though id like to hear earth play some nirvana i think dylan might find that awkward. mainly because whenever kurt cobain is mentioned in relation to earth, either dylan or someone else always tries to downplay the association between them. for reasons that i respect. BUT whats weird is when i read the biography of earth on, theres a reference to someone named TDG, and after reading it a couple times it became pretty apparent to me that TDG was kurt cobain. then i realized that TDG is an acronym for " The Dead Guy". i dont know im probably just paranoid. but it was kinda creepy. oh well. MAYBE the idea to cover some kyuss or sabbath will somehow mysteriously get back to dylan. hint hint.. bloody hint!!!!!!!!! lol peace

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2002

I hope Earth never cover Nirvana or Kyuss! That'd just be fucking stupid.

I know what most people were expecting from Earth at these recent dates, but when I found out that the line-up was just Dylan Carlson on guitar and his woman on drums, I assumed it'd be rock jamming, or some such, and by all accounts thus far, that's exactly what it was. I'd have been surprised if they'd played any songs, especially from previous releases.

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002

earth covering nirvana fucking stupid? quite. BUT since someone asked me i replied in a " what if" scenario. did get carried away with the idea though yet still i would want to see them cover certain nirvana songs putting their own touch on it because personally stupid or not i think it would be interesting yet unrealistic. yea " songs" of any kind would be lacking since there is not a bassist/second guitarist, i guess, but i wasnt sure that his present lineup was going to be his permanent lineup. one thing i resent is you saying covering kyuss would be stupid. hmmmm off the mark maybe but not stupid. honestly with their kind of music i dont know what bands songs would compliment earths style. my music knowledge is kind of limited though, because i tend to dwell on a few bands at a time. right now its: melvins, kyuss, Queens of the stone age, sparta,rival schools and some karma to burn.

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002

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