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I have nearly memorized that movie from beginning to end. The games are nothing compared to this story.

The only FF games I passed (or evr really played) were the NES and FFIII.

I didn't like from what I saw of FFVII. I know it started the whole concept of the movie, but on the PS I expected characters wouldn't look like such SHIT on the map. Their deformed bodies are some wierd undetailed fat thing. And then IIX and IX it still looked too cartoony (the black wizard). Come on! These are supposed to be about romance and tragedy! But FFX really picked up. I'm gonna' have to try that. I don't know, Gamecube is cheaper and I've always been a Mario fan (not to mention my whole, abandoning material things thing, but that's for the Anarchy thread).

I want games with different sized characters (from a tiny faerie to humongous dragon). Things that are affected by your character's emotions (a "rage" meter?) and stuff that somewhat alters your spell, rather than just pick-and-cast. (eg, fire intensity, where the sword swings, etc)

I'm also more interested in making a paper rpg FROM SCRATCH (anyone interested, e me). I was into White Wolf, and a bit into GURPS. But I am absolute ANTI D&D.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002


Well 10 might come for gamecube. I would get gamecube. i like mine. Get a black one cause purple is gay.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002

Well no ffx won't come out for gamecube ever since square have a contract with sony for as far as ffXIII and after that i assume they will continue on PS3 so they cant put it on any other system until the PS2 is no longer in production thus the reamkes of ffVI etc on PS long after the snes died...

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002

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