Load Utitlity timing out

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Multiple Load Replace Log No jobs executing on different tables, each in its own tablespace and all on a single database. All jobs submitted by 'user1'. It seems his own job is causing the other loads to time out with the database as the unavailable resource. (reason 00c9008e). DB2 V6 OS/390

-- Wilson Chery (wchery@msn.com), September 23, 2002


You are getting a lock timeout. This error message should identify the name of the resource for which the lock could not be granted. What is the resource? Could it be on the DBD of the database in which all of the table spaces reside?

-- Craig Mullins (craig_mullins@bmc.com), October 01, 2002.

The resource named as unavailable resource is the actual database name (the one in which these multiple tables are in). Question is what sort of lock would a LOAD job take on the database level? I saw a referrence that multiple long running concurrent LOAD jobs executing in the same database might cause time-out issues. I can't figure out why.

-- Wilson Chery (wchery@msn.com), October 02, 2002.

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