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is there different qualifications or do millwrites coming from other states have to take tests to be able to work in that state?

-- nathaniel william neidigh (, September 23, 2002


Can't answer that one without some qualification. Years ago I 'boomed out' to the State of Washington and the millwrights there were quite excited about testing through the state for a license. Can't say for certain how that turned out, I helped put in a paper coater and came back to sunny Wisconsin. I'm guessing that there may be some differences from locale to locale, however, a current journeymans card through the International Carpenters Union should allow you to transfer from one area to another. Be a smart cookie and call the area of interest to see if you face a problem. Regards, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, September 23, 2002.

hi all. some help if you could. my family were millwrites back to the mid 1850s. of course they are all gone now. i have inherited many cases of hand tools belonging to my great grandfater george bellville and his father my grandfather walter bellville. my father kenneth bellville,sr. also a millwrite until the early 40s when he went to work for dupont and retired. dad has been dead for 6 years dying at 92. i am old now myself, 70, and i have pictures of their creations over tennessee, ohio, kentucky, indiana and these tools..they seem to talk to in every way. i understand towns sprang up as a result of the creation of mills. some of the towns were named after great grandpa..spellings differ from "belleville" to belvue etc...i remember well listening to stories dad and my grandfather were telling of there adventures traveling, building, as a child on the farm in rural kentucky. watching them hone and clean these very tools..i wonder. where could i find information about workers in that period? names and info regarding the craftsmanship of the day? and perhaps a little more history of the craft of millwrite of the period. thank you ken bellville

-- kenneth m. bellville, jr (, May 27, 2004.

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