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I saw the discounted program for $199.00. Does this include them giving my son credit for his work? Dothey grade the work? How does it work?

Thanks, Robin

-- robin mcdowell (, September 25, 2002


For general questions about homes schooling you can find a list of state organizations at

you need to talk to a home school support group to get your questions answered.

we only sell the switched on schoolhouse curriculum at reduced prices.

We sell the software. You work on it on your own. If you are using the curriculum on your own, a GED will be needed. Many students also take their SAT or ACT exams for college entrance. The publisher Alpha Omega offers transcripts and diplomas to children that are registered in one of their two academies.

Only an institution can be accredited. There is not any curriculum that is accredited. We can write the best educational products possible, but we donít have any control over what is done with the product once it leaves our building. A school however, can be accredited by an accrediting agency. For example, The Publisher of Switched on Schoolhouse Alpha Omega has an Academy is accredited. Accrediting means that all the processes are in place for accurate record keeping and meeting certain standards

-- Barry Steinman (, September 25, 2002.

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