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In our History of Psych class today, my students wondered if there was any relation between George Thorndike Angell (anti-vivisectionist and founder of the MSPCA) and James Rowland Angell (president of APA, functionalist, spoke in favor of research using animals). They thought it would be ironic if a relationship did exist. I've done some searching already and have not been able to find much detailed biographical information for either person, though I am aware that GT is not JR's father.


-- Arlene M. Stillwell (, September 26, 2002


There is a chapter on George Thorndike in Thomas H. O'Conner's Eminent Bostonians (Harvard University Press)--there is a link to this book at

-- Hendrika Vande Kemp (, September 27, 2002.

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There are entries for both in the Dictionary of American Biography. The one for James Burrill Angell [James Rowland's father] gives more family info. than the one for George Thorndike, but it is clear that they were not brothers (GT's parents were the Reverend George Angell and Rebekah Thorndike Angell; JB's parents were Andrew Aldrich Angell and Amy Aldrich Angell. I can't tell whether there is any other family relationship between GT and JB, but the DAB might be a place to start.

-- Nicole B. Barenbaum (nbarenba@SEWANEE.EDU), April 11, 2004.

George Thorndike Angell and James Rowland Angell were 4th cousins, twice removed, to be exact. :) They shared the same GGGGGgrandparents, John Angell and Ruth Field.

-- Julie Meloni (, July 29, 2004.

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