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I have seen several reproductions of a classic style lamp but need to know the name for the style.The lamps generally consist of a bronze figurine,often a woman,with a milky white glass fan or plate behind her,and the bulb behind the glass.I have seen a radio lamp similar but only one and was wondering if there is a better classification,can any one help?and if you know of any dealers in originals that would be great as well,thank you

-- bob heise (, October 01, 2002


Hi. I just submitted my own question, then browsed the others, and it seems I have what you are asking. My lamp is definitely not a reproduction. I don't know the technical name for this piece, and would like to know myself. My question is titled 'Value and authenticity of Art Deco lamp. I live in Ontario, Canada. I hope to have a picture of it soon. If you have any other information, I would appreciate it too. Thankyou - - - - Michael

-- Michael McConnachie (, October 21, 2002.

HI..JUST READING AND NOTICED THAT YOU ARE DESCRIBING MY LAMP..I THINK. does the woman have a painted face ..(some sort of porcelain? I have been told that it is a JB HIrsch original...Im trying to authenticate mine...

-- Doriana (, April 25, 2004.

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