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Guilty! No doubt about it! Guilty, even then, of being your own person and making your own decisions. Of having the strength of character to do what you believed was right and the confidence to understand that what you knew was much much more important than what others thought they knew.

I know a little bit about this. I actually wrote a book about it (or didn't you recognize that the protagonist took half a lifetime to find the courage you had as a very young woman, that the author never found the same courage! Didn't you recognise the decision? wasn't it familiar? Who did you think it was about, anyway?

You have much to be proud of. What you chose was right and what you demonstrated was a degree of self knowledge and courage that most of us never acquire.

Careful! Ya gotta watch out for folks who have known you longer than you can remamber!

-- jeremy brown (dipdoc@hotmail.com), October 01, 2002


I thought the book was about you.

Thanks for the pep talk.. gotta go, I have a bus to catch.

-- Paulineee (paulineee_@hotmail.com), October 01, 2002.

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