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My name is Miss Valerie Mae Stahl.

At present, I am in transition.

I am writing about public assistance and how it keeps people trapped on public assistance and leaves people without any money.

I am on public assistance. I am DSHS.

I am on S.S.I. (Supplemental Security Income). I am Medicaid and Medicare.

I also have a Special Needs Trust, which is used to make purchases of things.

I was talked into signing papers and nobody explained anything. The result is that I locked myself into an Irrevocable Trust. An organization known as Partners in Care is the trustee of the trust that I have.

It basically says that I have no rights to my money. I cannot fire Partners in Care. I have no right or access to my money because it is theirs.

That is not right. It is stressing me out.

For me, things are hopeless.

I want to work with Al Gore to change this.

I would like this message to be forwarded to Al Gore.

-- Valerie Mae Stahl (, October 02, 2002

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