Unable to CHANGE BACKUP DESTINATION to an unmapped network drive

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Anders, I was not able to CHANGE BACKUP DESTINATION to an unmapped network drive because Browse for Folder did not list any of my other networked systems under NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD. However, if I map a network drive prior to running NHB, it will show up as a local drive of course. I would rather not have to map the drive, instead, I would like to go through the CHANGE BACKUP DESTINATION process so that I would be able to see and choose any drive on my network in the same manner that I can look at them from Windows Explorer. Do you intend to make an improvement to accomplish this? I am not a highly skilled guy but I could help in anyway, if possible.

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002



Thanks for offering help but have already found a solution. It will be included in the next release. In the meantime you're able to write in (and not browse to) the location of the network share, like: //mycomputer/storage

I'm not sure, but it should work...

Let me know,

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2002

Hi Anders,

Thanks for your response. I feel happy you will implement this improvement in the next release. Unfortunately we will have to wait until there because the only way, at the present release, to access a network drive is mapping it to a letter. By the way, congratulations for developping a so good program.


Joćo Ribeiro

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2002

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