uninstalling "No Hands Backup" deleted system-Files

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my OnlineBanking Software (from www.t-online.de it uses T-Online-CEPT-Decoder) is totally corrupted after testing and uninstalling "No Hands Backup"!

initialising of Easy CD Creator Engine fails!

It seems as if uninstalling "No Hands Backup" deleted system-Files!!

Please Tell me, which files could be deleted deinstalling your software!


Murad Khasawneh

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2002


Hey Murad.

I have not written the installation program (I use Setup Generator), but I'm sure it doesn't delete system files that are used by other programs. But then again, one never knows. Here is the list of used system files:

asycfilt.dll comcat.dll Comdlg32.ocx MSCOMCTL.OCX msvbvm60.dll oleaut32.dll olepro32.dll Richtx32.ocx

All these are copied to the Windows System folder (usually C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM).

You can download these files (not Richtx32.ocx, but I don't think you need it) from my homepage and install the manually at http://hem.spray.se/anders.peterson/ocdb_dependencyfiles.html. Make sure it is the proper file version though.

I hope you get it right.

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2002

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