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Since you have been so good at solving my problems with finding files on CD's (Offline CD Browser), I thought I would mention another problem I would like solved. I would like an "automated" way I could purge old CD's which have basically been superceded by new ones. This would mainly occur with backups that I do periodically onto CD's. However it would also occur with various files and folders that I have determined to Archive which are unique and not replicated elsewhere but on CD's where the majority of the CD's files have been superceded. For example, I would like to be able to set a percentage (e.g. 60%) and when more recent CD's have the same files (in this case, the same file name, file size, and file date) to where only 40% of the old CD is now unique, I would like the utility to prompt me to insert the old CD and transfer only the unique items to a specified folder on my hard drive so that I could make (burn) a new CD with the 40% and other "new" stuff and know that I could destroy the old disk without fear of losing something. I can imagine if you could get me that far, then I would also want to be able to change the filter to consider "same files" as same file name but possibly different file size or different (later) file date. Finally, in a effort to detect files for purging, I would like some intelligence to detect if file names with the same name (since it is likely my OCDB database contains lots of files that are different but have the same file name) are likely the same or different files based on other files found on the same CD or folder (within the CD). Can you add this to Offline CD Browser?

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2002


Hey Tony.

This task is far beyond OCDB I'm afraid, and should really be a application of it's own. I regretably do not have the time to help you out as the current programs are keeping me all too busy.

Good luck to you.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2002

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