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My husband has started to be a garage sale corrector of old cameras. I was hoping someone could help us find out if they are worth anything. He currently has a Kodak Brownie automatic movie camera f/2.3 made my Eastman Kodak company (eastman is his favorite) to go along with that he also has a Kodak Brownie 500 movie Projector model C f/1.6 both if working condition and have owners manuals. Those were his newest additions to his small but growing collections. He paid $4.50 each for the above. Did he get a good buy? Here is the rest of his collection which started with a camera his mother left him, Target six-20 Kodak Brownie (also eastman)it is a box camera. No. 2 Cartridge Hawk-eye Model A (eastman) patented in usa sept7, 1909 Feb. 1, 1916 Oct. 6, 1914 Mar. 21 1916 patents pending use film No. 120 box camera also. Last two really don't go except they are cameras. Hereo Imperial 620 snap shot camera, also a box camera and Argus automatic 8 movie camera. Can anyone help us? Thanks, MMJ

-- Misti Jackson (mistij6@netscape.net), October 07, 2002

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