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Hi, first I would like to thank you for this really good program. Since I'we bought my own CD-RW I find this very usefull. But there is some feature missing I think. It would be fine to have some option to search not only by file parameters (name, date....) but also by user comments. It would be usefull in cases like this: I have a original cd of some program, but there is not a file with the exact name of program on this CD. I put the exact name in the comments for this CD and I have a number in OCDB and also on the cover of CD. So I can easily search for this program by its name even if noone file has this name. Maby this function is alredy in the program but I have't found it. My second question is about the patch. It's impossible to download - is the link OK?

Thank you very much for your work. Martin.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002


Hey Martin.

There is no way in the current version to search by comment. I have already programmed this feature in the upcoming version, but the work on that one is much more extensiv than I though when I begun it. Therefor it is not finished yet and I don't this it will be in some time. Regretably you'll have to wait.

You can't download the patch? There should be nothing wrong with the link... Anyway, the latest patch is included in the present installation package so there is no need to download it separately now.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

As a workaround, I use the Windows Search (Find), Looking in the folder containing the CDB catalogue files, and Searching for files Containing text that is in the user comments (or anywhere else in the catalogue). It would be useful to do such a complete search from within the program (essentially searching each entire catalogue for a string and showing those catalogues containing the string).

It Great program! Thanks! - Phil

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2003

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