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We have an indenture trapetite dated January 29, 1866 between Thomas A. Harris and Caroline T. Hearne. This refers to their upcoming marriage and appears to be a kind of pre-nuptial agreement. It is in Deed Book 6, page 50. The 1870 census shows Thomas and Caroline living together. We have never been able to find any record of their marriage though. Last month in Albemarle we found a reference on page 51 of the marriage register of T. A. Harris and Cornelia T. Hearne being married on February 8, 1866 by G. W. Crowell, JP. We assume that this is in error and it should read Caroline T. instead of Cornelia T. Were mistakes like this common or does anyone have any knowledge of the actual marriage? Thanks. Jack Munson, Waco, TX

-- Jack G. Munson (, October 12, 2002

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