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I am using SQL Server 7.0 & facing a peculiar problem in a stored procedure on returning the value of Identity key. Can anybody help me in this regard.

The problem is as follows :

I have a table having an Identity Column. Through stored procedure I am inserting the data into it & while the record is getting created I want to use the Identity seed generated. The procedure was working fine for some time. But after some days I found that even though it creates the record with the identity sheet, it is not returning the lat identity value i.e. through function @@identity.

Is have checked the database, tables etc through DBCC & also done Update statistics. But the same problem persists.

When I am using the same procedure on the same table of a different database it is working fine.

Can you please help me out in solving this problem.



-- TapKs (, October 14, 2002

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