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Last night I heard one of my goats in distress.She was attacked by some dogs I don't know who owns.

Today she had blood in her milk and her udder is hard on the side that got bit.I can't tell if she's getting mastitis from this or if it's just that it got punctured and the hardness is from swelling from the bite.

I did see puncture marks in her leg last night , but only saw some scratched off skin on her udder. What antibiotics would most use for this ? Does she need to be treated for mastitis ?

-- Steve (, October 15, 2002


We use Maxim or LA as a injectible antibotic. We have never fought mastitis so I'm not a lot of help there.

-- bergy (, October 15, 2002.

Hello steve, sorry to hear about the dog attack, but I'm glad for you that it wasn't any worse than it daughter's cousin lost 7 goats to a dog attack last year, domestic dogs running in a pack. Antibiotic treatment is definately in order, as well as keeping the wounds clean, and applying topical antibiotic to them. Neosporin or something along that line should be worth a try. Remember that there is a milk withdrawal time with antibiotics. Also, I'm not trying to alarm you, but keep in mind the "possibility" of rabies. One of our goatkeeper friends in the county next to us had a buck come down with rabies last yr. after being bitten by an animal (they're not sure what)Once again, I'm not trying to scare you-just keep it in the back of your mind. Maybe Rebeka will be back along soon with more advice about treatment for her udder. I would think that applying warm compresses would help. Best of luck. Judy in VA

-- Judy Corwin in Va. (, October 18, 2002.

I am back, but I don't really know what to say- it kind of depends on the severity of the bites. :-( The hardness is probably from being bruised, either from the attack itself of from running around bruising it and banging it on stuff trying to get away from the dog. I would give her antibiotics for the puncture wounds, I don't think she has mastitis. In all honesty, I would call my vet and ask him what he recommends for an antibiotic after a dog attack, there may be one that is more appropriate than another. Or you can check on, they have a good section on medications, amounts, how much to use and how often, and so forth.

-- Rebekah (, October 22, 2002.

Thanks for the advice. I treated my doe with Zinc Picollinate. Zinc is one of the active ingredients in Neosporin.

I used 50 mg capsules. I gave her 3 orally , 3 times a day and , and opened a capsule and put the zinc powder on the wounds 3 times a day . I wanted the advice on the antibiotics incase the zinc wasn't showing results. The results were fast enough , so I just continued for a week.

The hardness in her udder is from being bruised. She also had blood in her milk for a week. It's all gone now. And she still has a hard lump on her udder where the dog bite was .I'm not worried about rabies because these dogs are most likely high dollar hunting dogs that were lost. It's common that people around here from near town come to the hills to let out dogs and track them down with radio collars.

These dogs usually get lost and start messing with people's livestock. It's the first time I've had a goat attacked by a dog.Fortunately I was awake and got out there before too much damage was done. I'm guessing these dogs would have killed this doe if someone didn't come out to stop them.They did kill 4 laying hens and my 2 roosters the same night. They haven't returned.

Thanks Bergy , Judy , Rebekah

-- Steve (, October 26, 2002.

Dogs are a pain. :( Glad to hear your doe is doing better- the lump should go away in time.

-- Rebekah (, October 31, 2002.

Well Seriously i would keep a gun by the door and if the dogs r nice then keep them in your garage until the owners radio track them down (if u can catch them) or something... maybee u could get a Great pyreneese or llama!!!!!!!!!!!i have a female one and we havent lost anything yet because we used to have a great problem with coyotes!!

Save The Goats!!!,Brandon

-- Brandon Loulou (, December 22, 2002.

Question? I have a two year old billy that got into a fight(?) with an unknown. His face, neck are badly bitten. He appeared no worse for wear until two days ago (10 days after fight). He became withdrawn, feverish, and leans against a firm upright, such as trees, posts, etc. Walks like he's drunk, and stands with his head turned as far to the side as his horns will allow. Won't drink or eat. I've given him penicillin but with little response. Help!

-- marge (, June 11, 2003.

tetanus? Penicillin may be inadequate to combat an infection of this kind. And, it could be rabies, so be careful. I would have a vet look at him, not only for his sake but also for yours and the health of the rest of your animals.

-- Rebekah (, June 17, 2003.

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