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I own a standard 1998 GMC Sonoma and when I start it sometimes it is sluggish. I just replaced the starter and battery thinking that might be the source, but it is still doing it. I also noticed that it does this when the truck is hot and cold. I was wondering if this might have anything to do with the clutch? I hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance Red

-- red (, October 20, 2002


you said ,,,"when I start it sometimes it is sluggish." does that mean that the engine cranks/turns slugish, or that it runs sluggish after starting?

-- Stan (, October 21, 2002.

Sounds like a puter problem to me. If the exhaust has a leak in it the oxy sensor will cause it to run horrible. The Temp sensor also can make it run bad. Try removing the positive battery cable for about a minute. Reinstall it. Turn you ignition switch "on" and then back off. Do this two times and then the third time go ahead and turn on over to "start" position and start the engine. This is the way to reprogram the puter. Just some ideas from an old hick who has had many puter problems with vehicles. ONe such car [89 camero] eat my dinner AND supper. REplaced most of the sensors, includin the puter. Problem was finally found when we looked at the timing chain. Yep-that was it eventho all thos fancy diagnostic puters the mechanincs had said it was a sensor. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot (, October 21, 2002.

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