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I recently purchased an old lamp at a charity thrift store auction. I will describe it from face on, as it is designed to be viewed from one side. It is on a bronze(or some metal) base. Rising from the base there is a harp ("U") shaped design that is wreath like, and floral in nature. Between that is a naked bronze woman standing in profile with one arm extended forward, and one arm behind her head. Draped from one hand to the other is a scarf, and her hair is hanging long. This image is detailed as you face it, but not a complete statue. She is on her tip toes. Behind this (she is flat on the back side) is inserted a flat peice of frosted glass shaped like a 'yeild' sign. Behind that is a light socket attached to the base, pointed up. The cord is an old cloth covered cord, and the lamp works. When lighted it looks like a silhouetted image in the sunset. It stands about 14 inches high. Stamped in the base at the back on the left side are 3 letters that are hard to read. I think they are TCL (but am not sure - it's not here right now). On the right is stamped 866. Some friends have told me that it is worth a lot of money, others say it's junk. I love it simply because it is old and so beautiful. Everyone that sees it states immediately of its style, "Art Deco". Can anyone tell me of what significance this lamp is, if any? Is there something else that I should be looking for? Any information would be much appreciated. My e-mail is Thanks - - - Michael

-- Michael McConnachie (, October 21, 2002

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