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Hi there Anders,

I just tried OCDB 3.1.15 (updated from a February install of the 3.1 beta which I'd forgotten about!).

Just thought that you should know about this. When I try the OCDB Communications Centre. A few seconds after clicking "Download news" I see a dialog which states: Run-time error '12031': Error looking at directory /ocdb_comcentre_31/\*.txt The program then terminates.

There is an empty folder "C:\Program Files\OfflineCDbrowser\ComCentre"

(It's running on Windows ME with 256MB of RAM, disk space is OK, and the machine has just been rebooted after update. Old catalogues have been "updated" to current, Registry entries have been reset to the defaults.)

Regards Ken

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002


Hey Ken. Thanks for the report, I'll see if I can find a solution; in the meantime refer to the homepage for all development news.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

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