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Does anyone have the complete lyrics to the Earth track "A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge" ? I've got about 80% of it, but there's a few words I'm missing...

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002


I've always been confused by this, are the lyrics the same as the notes on the back of the album? It's hard to hear what's being sung, and is this Dylan singing, or someone else? It seems like two people are singing; one doing the main lyrics and the other making raspy screaming sounds, though this might be studio layering (though I doubt it). Can you post what you have so far??

On the back of Extra-Capsular Extraction:

Longed for a knife - An edge to lay bare entrails - Free brain and heart - A release from what is inside - Cut-out tongue and sex - A sharp blade to cleanse impurity - The so-called spirit world soon out of this meaningless corpse

Each of the attributes is called a flame - Teeth of lions rule the divine - Destroy the scepters - Then into five matters - These matters will their annihilation into a structure - The structure congeals

Crowns - Dark warrens of the locusts - Their faces like gold and faceted - The dream of totaling the sun, moon, and mountains by May, 1968 - Misery doesn't change Joseph Goebbels and Hecate - The abstract systematically explored

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002

Hi all,

The notes on the back of the Extra-Capsular Extraction CD/LP unfortunately aren't in the lyrics to the songs.

From what I know, Dylan Carlson did the main vocals, Kurt Cobain did the backup vocals (heard more clearly on the bootleg LP "10 1990") and Kelly Canary did the background screams.

Here's what I've got so far --- and if anyone else has any input, then please post your thoughts ! Question marks for the stuff I don't know...

once in a while there is a girl high and murdered by your son once in a while there is a man man from ?? ?? ?? in the sky it's dark and wild through the sky ?? ?? on the earth it's cold and clear I could not ?? ?? ?? How could I ?? ?? ??

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2002

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