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i need to transfer images from regular 600 film for a polaroid to a piece of ribbon is that possible and how is it done. Preferably something that is easy to obtain and not expensive

-- mallory taylor (, October 26, 2002


600 film won't work for the Polaroid Image Transfer process. You need 669 film (assuming same size) for the transfer. Although you could theoretically make a scan of your polaroid, convert it to a 35mm slide, and enlarge via Daylab to the 669 film, and then make an image transfer, it would definitely not be an inexpensive process. To learn more about the process, I recommend Kathleen Carr's book on the process "Polaroid Transfers: A Complete Visual Guide to Creating Image and Emulsion Transfers" --- and taking a class in the process (the book is great, but everyone I know who's tried to learn solely from the book has had a hard time of it - you really need someone to coach you through the process and help you troubleshoot).

-- Kari Glass (, November 04, 2002.

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