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My mother purchased a figurine globe lamp when she was a young woman (maybe 1940s) and has given it to me. I am very interested in finding out any information I can about it. I would appreciate it if you might offer any thoughts you have or perhaps give me the name of someone whom I might contact. The figurine appears to be made out of a lead material. The figure looks nymph-like, theatrically costumed and entirely painted an olive-greenish enamel looking color with gold highlights, except for her exquisite ivory colored face on which the lips and eyes have applied color. (Mom said that she bought it in a department store and that she was told the face was made of ivory.) Her face and hands have been very delicately cast. I did not notice until recently that on the right breast of her costume is the outline of a four leaf clover. The hat on her head is pointed. She is standing on one leg, appearing to be dancing. Perhaps she is a leprechan? The figurine stands on a white marble base next to a same color green flared pedistal on which sits a glass globe. The globe (which is 3" in diameter) looks like the clear Venetian glass bubble ball that I have seen in pictures. The globe can be taken off to change the lightbulb located inside the pedistal. The figurine stands about 8" tall; the base is about 10" x 4-1/4". Have you ever heard on this globe lamp? Thanks for any help you can offer.

-- Nancy Piper (, October 29, 2002

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