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I am a 23 year old with cerebral palsey from the waist down. My balance is poor, I'm a slow walker & use a walking stick. I am the mother of a six month old baby.

I am panicking like never before as tonight, my husband has just walked out on me and our baby! I had no warning - he just went. He said he couldn't handle the responsibility.

Are there any single disabled parents who have been though a divorce (being disabled at the time of the divorce) who would like to put my mind at rest.

I am worried about the courts deciding to take my son away from me to live with his dad because of my disability. I, myself do not doubt my ability, but the court probably wont see it like that!

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who can put my mind at rest.

Thank you.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002


hi my name is monica and i am 18 and i had a baby by a guy who really did not love me so i still tryed to be nice to him for my son and just last week i let him have him for the weekend and my 16 month old son came home with burns and bad rashed on his inner legs

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2003

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