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It will be appreciated if any one could send me the original "essay" question, I mean the one which could win OracleWorld pass. The question was about data files segment IO activities estimation. I just want to show that to my friend but I couldn't find the question on front page any more. Thanks

-- David Wang (, November 04, 2002


our manager wants you to find out, through SQL issued from a client, which database segments are attracting the greatest amount of physical I/O. Write him a report explaining the problems of doing this under Oracle8i and how accurate you would expect your results to be. (You must keep it under 1,500 words!)

When entering, please include full name, title, company, address, work phone and email where you can be contacted.

Submit your answer via email to Plain text is preferred, but we'll live w/ RTF or .DOC attachments! Please read the rules (below) thoroughly since this is an essay question! :-)

hope it helps

-- Oracleo (, November 06, 2002.

Thank you very much!

-- David Wang (, November 06, 2002.

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