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I am a high school counselor. I am looking for user friendly student material for a small group of young females who are "cutting". I have many of Glasser's books. I use Choice Theory. I am wanting student text material or lessons for small groups. Any out there? thanks. Denise Jensen

-- Denise Jensen (, November 05, 2002


Much of the material you speak of is produced by Basic Week instructors and by practicum supervisors who put it together to teach their own (usually adult) students. Occassionally some of these people produce books and booklets for a general market. One such might be "Conflict resolution--- Activities for classroom use" or 'Action take one' Self evaluation & the Student led Conference-Helping students take ownership for their own learning" Both of these are by Jean Suffield Seville Lucy Robbins Billings also has a booklet with exercises to teach choice theory and to conduct role play Otherwise you would have to make up your own methods of teaching the material especially the key material in "Choice Theory" Regards, Ken.

-- kenl lyons (, November 05, 2002.

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