did Chiparus ever do sculpture in marble?

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I know Chiparus did some work in porcelain for Etling. Did he ever do work in marble? I have come across a piece that the owner insists is Chiparus. Could it be? Is it as rare as he says?

-- Teri Santucci (amazement@earthlink.net), November 05, 2002


i am no expert, and am looking for answers myself, but i have a chiparus and the base is marble and he also used ivory inlays in this statue. so, i know he worked with marble at least as a base for his bronze statues.

-- wendy waitzman (otis1477@yahoo.com), July 20, 2003.

I have a marble sculpture that is signed DH Chiparus. It is "Cinderella" running home from the Ball and missing a shoe. She is 33" tall and 20" wide and over 100 pounds.

-- Don Tryon (dontryon@comcast.net), September 15, 2003.

Hi, as far as I know did Demetre H. Chiparus use all kind off material for his Scultures. Recently on a visit to Cadaques (Spain) I went into a wellknown Anticstore there, full of sculptures from the 20th and I saw an original Figurine, made by Chiparus, made from terracotta. I was surprised and so I informed myself and found out, that he used Spelter, Chrysantelefantine, Brass, Terracotta and Marble.



-- Horst (h.horst@freenet.de), October 15, 2003.

Bonjour, J am Frfench and j d'ont speek well " sorry". if you can translet ? my question : J'ai une statue de Chiparus " la rafale ", elle est en bronze argenté sur un socle haut et très lourd. tête en ivoire. wonderfull ! so Pouvez vous me dire si elle a vraiment une valeuret combien ? y a t-il d'autres exemplaires ou est- elle unique tank you véry much to answer me Franck

-- franck (francklourdaux@hotmail.com), September 11, 2004.

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