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The gubernatorial race has now come to a halt; we are faced with a Harvard graduate that has defended his right to be a friend of organized labor! It is about time! We must venture further and somehow guarantee that in this great state that our voice is heard, we may now in fact have a forum to be heard (although we may not be teachers we have the possibility to be as inclement to be as forthright as our fellow labor unions) But if we went on strike the teachers wouldn’t have the schools to teach in, and the plumbers wouldn’t have a wall for the urinals and the electricians would have no place to light and without electricity its gonna get pretty cold ( HVAC) , and without heat there is no use in having the gas company there and WEPCO would be S.O.L. (there goes the power plants) (millwrights), and the story goes on and on………………………………So the moral of the story is without Carpenters all you have is a pot to piss in without a window to throw it out of and………………. some pretty dumb kids! . We fought for a candidate and low and behold he is in the governors mansion probably celebrating his victory with a nice 12 year old scotch as we sit here in our humble existence with a 12 pack of Milwaukee’s Best wondering who got the better end of the deal? On one hand the 12 pack was only 3.99, and on the other hand, He’s drinking my scotch! (It is our capitol now!)

-- an informed voter (''), November 07, 2002

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