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I am new in video editing. I have Premiere 5.1, but it seems difficult to obtain a final output in VCD or SVCD. If I am not wrong, it is neccesary to use another programs as TMPeng to compress to MPEG1 or MPEG2. Apparently Pinnacle Studio DV exports directly into MPEG1 or 2, is much more cheaper than Premiere 6.0 and is able to work using much less space in the hard disk. But it is all so beautiful? Are there any problems with Pinnacle? For example: is it possible to use Pinnacle without using its own card? (I have i-link incorporated in my computer).

-- Luis Agullo (, November 14, 2002


Basically Premiere is the semi-pro software and Pinnacle is home user quality. If Pinnacle can do everything you need from it go ahead, but if you want more control (i.e. power-user/semi-pro) then use Premiere, export to avi or something similar and then write to VCD/SVCD. I know Nero writes VCD/SVCDs from almost any kind of video file, it just recompresses them.

-- Teague (, May 13, 2003.

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