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I have been too busy orgainizing efforts to get the govt to stay the hell out of our lives, vis a vis the Iraq "war" and he "Homeland Security Act" to be here much lately. Sorry about that.

I've found great support for my effort to get senators to vote against the latter, even among far right conservatives.

Just wondering where you folks fit in here?


-- jumpoff joe (, November 16, 2002


Are you asking the questain ," What have we've done to show support for and preserve freedom lately ?

I'm Just asking so I answer the questain that was asked .Instead of answering what I thought was asked .

-- Max (, November 17, 2002.

Are you asking the questain ," What have we've done to show support for and preserve freedom lately ?

Nope. Just asking for your stand on the issue, more than anything. If you really want to share the other info with us/me, please feel free!

-- jumpoff joe (, November 18, 2002.

Seems the "far right" and the "far left" see a lot of these things in a similar light. I am so completley and totally against this insane ideology of attacking old business partners to increase the depth of a few hoity toity politicos pockets that I can't even stand it anymore. Every day that I scan news headlines reminds more and more of apocalyptic sci-fi....I have done what I always do, try to get people to see it and write fruitless letters to politicians.:)- Plugging away.

-- Doreen (, November 19, 2002.

I think the " Homeland Security Act " is just another way to waste money on something that is probably going to be contracted to some Bush associates or friends of the family.Like defense spending.

I don't keep up on news and politics , but I value freedom and exercise my rights to it...A few weeks ago , I taught some teenagers how to stand up to a disfunctional problemic Federal Park Ranger who wanted to search through my pockets for no reason other than , he just wanted to. Right before the park ranger stopped and bothered us , the teenagers and I were talking about the Opium War between the british and the chinese and speculating belief of how the governments today are still in control of the drugs .Legal and illegal

I was bringing the young ones fire wood and they asked me to sit by the fire a while and gave me a dr. pepper , it was the first one I ever had . I was in a campground that had over 60 camp sites and maybe 6 sites were taken so the place was empty.The ranger came ,stopped by the campsite , disrespectfully shined his light in our eyes and started questaining the teenagers.

I stood up being the only adult there and it was my truck that was in questain about being parked right.The ranger asked me how many beers did I drink.So being asked how many , was an insinuation I was drinking alcohol and I found this to be an agressive act of trying to be intimidating.I told him I don't drink and I haven't smoke pot , this is the way I look all the time.He asked me if I had marijuana in my possesion .I said " no " .He asked me what I had in my pockets. I told him ," what ever is in there .He asked me to empty them. I told him unless he was planning on arresting me , he wasn't going to know what I had in my pockets.He said ,He just wanted my consent. I told him he wasn't getting my consent .

Now , I heard him. It was only repectful that I allowed him to hear what I had to say .

I then told him that he came to the camp site in a very intimidating manner and he was making me nervous and purposly intimidating me and he had no reason to do so.I told him he was personally being responsible for a break down of freedoms and rights in this country by harrassing inocent people . I told him that I have at least 10 to 15 years age on him and I think he should show me a little repect.He seemed to be backing down and told me his age. He was 12 years younger than I...I then ask why was he trying to intimidate me ,when all I was there for was to bring these kids fire wood and talk with them a while.He said it was my hair and beard , and the way I looked.

I then told him that in these times his hair style and manner was more consistant with the way cocaine users look and he fit the profile of one. I then expressed that cocaine is the drug of choice amount federal and local law enforcement because they don't look stoned on this drug and can do it while on duty working. And because of the short time it remains in the body because it's water soluable , it makes it hard to detect in a urine analysis.And this makes it the law enforcments drug of choice.

I then told him I'm aware that the same percentage of law enforcement officers use cocaine as the percentage of cocaine use in the general public , after all , they are only just people.And the uniforms and guns don' make them any less vulnerable to drug use than anyone else.

This boy was a listening.So were the kids I brought fire wood to.This federal officer became a human being.I made him remember who he is.I told him I was not camping out and I was in violation of the 10:00 pm campground visitors curfew and if he wanted me to leave the campground . He said no, I can hang out until I wanted to.I told him to have a good night

My avoidance of politics comes from a few reasons. I lived outside the U.S. for 10 years, in some places politics becomes a little violent .

I'm shallow and naive about the subject , I don't read news .

And I had parents who were deeply into the politics.That'll get a person politic shy.

At 10 years old I was required to know the names and profiles of the all members in the Chicago Seven trail.

And to all you half youngs , Abbie Hoffman started the Yippie movement not the Yuppie movement .Need to keep the historic facts straight .

-- Max (, November 20, 2002.

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