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I've just downloaded nhb 2.5 beta (2.5.5) and I cannot find any way to specify the source or destination or filters etc. Is this a bug crept in in the latest build or am I missing something.


-- Anonymous, December 02, 2002


Hi Andrew.

When you create a new backup set you'll be thrown in to the 'Properties' dialog. In the mittle of that dialog you have a big field (that will hold the file operations) - right click on it and you'll get a very helpful menu. Right? Good luck.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2002

Hi Andrew.

I think I've fixed both in the new beta (4). Download it from the homepage and let me know.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2002

You seam to have some type of none standard system font; or something like that. I've made the window resizable, and they will be like that in the final release. Thanks for the feedback.

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2003

Anders, Thanks. I had tried right-clicking the column headings :-) I've hit two bugs now. 1. When adding a file, if you click finish without entering any details a run time error 35601 occurs.

2. When adding a folder, on my machine, the menu appears but the buttons at the bottom are chopped off and their labels cannot be read. The window is not-re-sizable, so I can never get to the buttons !!!

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2002

Hi (again) Anders.

2) is still not fixed for me. I only get the first two check boxes appear. I can see there is still more hiding below :-((


-- Anonymous, December 16, 2002

Hi Anders

FYI: This bug is still in the latest version 2.0.21. In the "Properties" dialog box, you cannot successfully enter anything into the 'Destination Folder' field.

(Yes, your workaround for Andrew Waters does work: on the "Set Manager" panel, you can right click and enter in the 'backup to' column)

BTW: I'm using W98



-- Anonymous, June 03, 2003

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