Polaroid Transfers vs Pola Painting

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This is a new area of photography for me.

I'd like to know the difference between Polaroid Transfer and Pola Painting technique that Jeff Smith www.lightingmagic.com talks about.

Thanks in advance Chuck

-- Chuck Reisinger (chuckphoto@earthlink.net), December 02, 2002


As far as I know, the Pola painiting is the manipulation of the emulsion in the Time Zero print as it hardens over time. This image is taken with a SX70 camera. Transfer work is the actual transfer of the developing print to a substrate. Emulsion lift is the transfer and manipulation of the emulsion to another surface. All sort of relatted, but not exactly. Hope this helps. Cathy

-- Cathy Gamlen (cpgamlen@netwiz.net), December 02, 2002.

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