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The basic setup of NHB went fine. If I execute the individual backup set lines the backup works. However I can't highlight multiple lines to backup a group of them.

Also from a command line start I get a fault. Seems the program is looking for ":none" as the source directory when obviously the sources are scattered about.

If it matters I'm using Win XP Home Edition.

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2002


Hi Jim.

No you can't run multiple sets at one command. It's a good idea though and I'll see what I can do.

Most likely you command line is wrong. Make sure the path to the set in the command line, is the same as that in the 'Options' dialog in the NHB program. NHB makes no distinction between command line executions and backup sets ran from within NHB.

Hope this helps.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2002

Hi Jim.

I just got a similair report that gave some clues. Have you renamed the backup set that gave the ':None' error. This error can appear if the file name is the standard 'Net backup set.nhb'. Simply change the name in NHB, press F5 to refresh, and see so all the settings are still correct. Make the nessecary changes to the task manager command line.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2002

It helps a little but doesn't resolve the basic challenge. First of all I backup onto a CD-RW. As such Windows task scheduler isn't very useful as I don't insert the CD-RW at exactly the same times.

I tried to insert the wildcard "*" to show "set*.nhb" in the command line but when I do that it wants the :none directory.

Perhaps someone here could right a simple routine that would execute set01.nhb, then next, etc., until all sets are completed? I've already got 25 sets so you can see why I'd like to automate these backups.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2002

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