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I have a 9th grader we will start homeschool mid-year. I would like to know if you can send me a demo, or web page to review some of the programs? I also would like to exchange Alg. for spanish, he is done with Alg. 1,can we do that? thanks, Debbie

-- Debbie Coleman (, December 04, 2002


you can get a demo at the publishers site at

Individual subjects can be purchased instead of / or in addition to the Grade Level Five Subject Sets you cannot substitute subjects or grade in the 5 subject sets

Individual subjects are 59.95 each college planner 24.95 story of constitution 24.95 states 24.95 high school health $39.95

To see a list of individual subjects, you can go to the publishers web site

since individual subjects are a special order for us, they are non returnable

or you can call us toll free at 888-967-3763

-- Barry Steinman (, December 04, 2002.

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