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Because of the warm wet fall we had in the southeast a couple of my does look like they need worming .I was wondering if it were safe to worm them while pregnant ?

-- Steve (, December 05, 2002


Yes, Ivermectin will be safe, but some wormers are not. Here is a great link to a site that has lots of goat medication info. Saanendoah

-- Rebekah (, December 06, 2002.

Thanks Rebekah

-- Steve (, December 07, 2002.

I don't know if you can get to this site, but there was just a discussion about administering wormers orally instead of injections (or pour-on) -- here's the LINK to that discussion -- I'll add to Rebekah's thought that Ivomec is safe on pregnant does but "white" wormers like Valbazen are not safe during the first 45 days of pregnancy. See a list of articles on worms/worming at and a particular article there on worming at 3 more links that I like are - Discusses wormings, lists wormers and dosages. - Nice general discussion of wormers, external parasites and other vaccinations; and - A "Parasite Primer" -lists the different types of wormers and dosages.

-- Melissa--Dry Creek Acres (, December 09, 2002.

Thanks Melissa for the information . I had some information passed to me from a few people about wormers .I will pass it on here . I was told that Ivomec ( Plus ) injectable is suppose to be bad for goats kidneys and can cause deformed offspring when given to pregnant does ..The bottle looks the same as the regular Ivomec injectable and I once bought a bottle of the Ivomec Plus by accindent .This was told to me by someone who has his goat herd wormed and monitored by the agriculture section of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Another person I know who's herd is under close vetenarian supervison for parasites , recomends giving Stogens Paste ( horse dewormer ) along with Ivomec injections .It was told by this vet that the combination together had good results .

I'm not going to give the Does stogen paste until they kid .

I have given Ivomec injectable to goats orally . I heard ( read ) Vicki mention it way back .I've given them an injection and the next day gave them an oral dosage. This does makes the cost of worming a Doe ,twice the price . But then again a Doe with out of check worms, waste feed.


-- Steve (, December 13, 2002.

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