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Please excuse my ignorance on the subject but I'm curious about systems like the Daylab II that make polaroid prints from 35mm slides. Is it possible with a home system (like the Daylab II) to make print from medium format 220 film say shot with a Mamiya 645e?

I am mainly a videographer/graphic designer and am interested in shooting med format and printing at home. Also interested in Polaroid Transfer printing. Any equipment suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I enjoy shooting candid shots of random people, trees, and textures. Peace.

-- MichaelS (, December 11, 2002


The Daylab II is no longer made by Daylab corporation. It has been replaced by the Daylab 35 plus. The daylab 35 plus uses slides or 35 mm negatives. The 220 film negs would not fit in the slide/negative carrier. View the latest Daylab models on their website: Polaroid Transfer printing is a great, creative process! I found these books to be helpful when I was starting to create transfers: Polaroid Transfers-Kathleen Thormod Carr Creative Photo Printmaking-Theresa Airey Photographer's Guide to Polaroid Transfer-Christopher Grey Polaroid Manipulations-Kathleen Thormod Carr

-- Elisabeth Brown (elisabethebrown@yahoo.,com), May 22, 2003.

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