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I have noticed when I sort a column in the catalog list, the outcome is not correct. It appears the sort is done on the displayed text in the column and not the information the text represents. For example: Create date sort has 12/9/02 after 12/10/02 because '1' is smaller than '9'. This would also put 1999 after 2000, 2001 and 2002, etc. Same problem with generated Media Marking of 'OCDB: 2' which comes after 'OCDB: 19' because the '1' is smaller than the '2'. A solution to the Media Marking would be to generate the number as OCDB:0001, OCDB:0002, etc. Or start the number at 1000. Yes, I plan on generating a lot of catalogs!

One solution to the date would be to store as 20021214 for 12/14/2002, but the time would have to follow in 24 hour format i.e. 20021214 1024 for 10:24am. A better option would be to store and sort on the internal number for date/time and convert for display. This would also help on file size, catalog size, free space, etc.

I think you have a really great program here and would appreciate your consideration of these changes.

Thanks, Theron

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2002


Hi Theron.

Yeah, I've aware of this. There is a callback one can do to get the sorting right. I'm working on it, and if everything goes will there will be a patch in a couple of weeks.

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2002

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