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Once again, excellent program. Thanks!

Actually have two questions. First, in the search string for name is it possible to use multiple combinations like in Windows (i.e. '*.bmp; *.gif') to search for both bitmaps and gif files in the same search?

Second, I have my catagories and status set but if I want to look for a file in say 5 out of my 15 catagories or statuses, I have to search all catagories or do 5 seperate searches. You can see this can get painful if you are looking for two types of files as in the first question and have the issue from the second question.

Would it be possible to put checkboxes by each catagory or status on the search dialog so if they are checked the appropriate databases would be available for checking in the right window? Or maybe you have another solution.

Thanks, Theron

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2002


Hi Theron.

Some comments:

1) No, you can't do that. However, I am writing on the next generation of OCDB that will be SQL based and have proper databases. There such a search would be no probelm.

2) I'm not sure I understand. Can't you select 'All catalogues' in the left pane (the root in the folder tree) and then check the five files you're interested in from the right panel?

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2002

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