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The problem: When backing up files trough my network (from PC1 to PC2) I get the following message when there has to be backed up a new created directory;

Failed file operations: Error copying new file: D:\My Documents\test\test.doc

When I start the same backup from the destination PC (PC2), with source (PC1) and destination (PC2), the directory is created but no files are copied.

Once the directory is created on the destination(PC2) and I start the backup from the source PC (PC1) then the files will be copied.

Resume, when the directories match between PC1 and PC2 I have no problems copying files. When the don't match, first I have to start on the destination PC to create the directory's and second I have to start on the source PC the backup to copy files.

I hope you understand the problem and more important you can HELP ME.


-- Anonymous, December 18, 2002


I've found some incompatabilities with Win9x and WinMe. You running one of them right? I'm working on a solution. The next beta should include a fix. Thanks for reporting.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2003

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