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How do you treat pinkeye? We use Maxim 200 ( give three days, off three )to prevent A secondary infection, and wash the eye with saline every day. This works but I know there are a lot of other ways out there. We are feeding 1500lbs bales this year and starting to fight pinkeye. What do all of you do? We are looking for a better way. Thanks

-- bergy (, December 21, 2002


Salt. Put some on the palm of your hand and blow it into the animals eye. It also works well for eye infections and even helped a goat here who had actually punctured his eye with a screw. Put salt in the eye a few times and the eye got better, redness went away, and not clouded! There will always be a white mark where the eye was punctured but he can see.

-- Rebekah (, December 21, 2002.

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