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My neighbor gave up her Nubian mixed nanny to me 3 years ago, only because the "novelty" of having a goat wore off. At the time, I trimmed her feet and noticed that they were badlly neglected. I gave her to my mom as she has a small herd of neutered billies and I have pygmies. S he has more expierience with goat health than I do. This poor girl has had multiple courses of antibiotics and foot baths wraps etc. and nothing that is done seems to correct the problem. There is a very foul smell coming from her hind foot and it has begun to atrophy from not using it(not just foot entire rear leg). What more can be done? We fear her losing her leg over some idiots ignorance. any suggestions?

-- liz haroldson (, December 23, 2002


I have seen some pretty bad feet in my time, but nothing like this- it sounds like a trip to the vet would be well spent, maybe you could combine it with some other animals or work that needs to be done to make it cheaper?

What does the hoof look like? Is it hard, soft, rotten in places, what color? Is there any healthy tissue at all there? She should be kept in a dry area - soft moist ground will make it worse. Are the hooves still over gorwn and how much? Is could be that there is a thron or other embedded object causing an infection and thus the foul smell, or it could be foot rot. Usually a product calle dCoppertox is used on hoof rot, but your doe may need antibiotics. I would at least call the vet, describe what is going on. He may want to see her, or he may have some advice on what you can do for her yourself. Also- rinse your knife in bleach before and after trimming her feet. Foot rot can be contagious and you do not want to spread it to your own goats.

-- Rebekah (, December 23, 2002.

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