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Hello- I am looking for songs (old or new) that can be applied to the teachings of Reality Therapy and/or Choice Theory. It seems that at times people can really relate to song lyrics and it may prove interesting to play applicable songs in presentations as well. If anyone knows of good "RT songs", I would much appreciate it!! Stacey Smith, LMSW

-- Stacey Smith (, December 27, 2002


I think you will find that rt/ct can be applied to most songs. I saw a presentation where the lyrics of "Wouldn't it be loverly" from My Fair Lady were used to show quality world. I also saw a very powerful presentation based on the song "Sony" as sung by Mary Black. The lyrics of this song are on the Mary Black homepage but If you have never heard the song I'm not sure how you go about that. Glasser himself felt that the song "Love will build a bridge" sums up his ideas on relationships. Really you can go through very many songs and ask 'what need is not being met here right now?' Regards.

-- ken lyons (, December 27, 2002.

Stacey, after I had been learning CT/RT, it became very evident when a song was sung from the perspective of a Choice Theorist or not. I listen to Tom Petty and I think he will one day achieve the respect he deserves due to the quality of his work and his longevity. A few years ago, I was to give a presentation to a group. I thought of beginning my presentation by turning on my boombox with one of his songs blaring. After observing the reaction of the audience, I would then introduce myself and we, as a group, would examine the perspective of the character in his song. BUMMER, I cannot think of the name of the song, but can clearly recall the plot of the song's story. In short, it was being sung by an old gunslinger facing probably his last showdown, as he was facing another old, but good gunslinger. It came down to where he realized his behavior (shooting it out) with the other would result in something he didn't want (is it working to maintain life?), he and the other participant decided to not shoot it out, much to the disappointment of the assembled crowd. If you are able to find the title and listen to it, you will know what I mean. PERHAPS SOMEONE OUT THERE KNOWS THE TITLE. TD

-- Ted Donato (, January 10, 2003.

As a spiritual counselor, one song that I use quite regularly is "Put a Little Love in Your Heart ...and the world will be a better place for you, and me, just wait and see", etc. Afterward it is important to talk about the fact that the love is already there in our hearts and we just need to remove the clouds that are hiding it. the "putting" is our choice to believe that it is there and choose to see through the clouds. But how do we choose to do that in specific situations? We go through various provoking scenarios and talk about how we could choose to respond in a more loving way. It is important to inivite and entertain every "yeah but" in the room until as many as possible "get it". It makes for a great group. This is an easy chorded song for guitar, piano, harmonium, etc. I find that the vibrations of the harmonium help it "sink in".

I would love feedback on how to make this approach even better.

-- George Jacobs (, February 01, 2004.

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