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Greetings! The name of a Russian illusionist and hypnotist, "Onofroff," has surfaced in my research. Although the reference is tangential to my study, I am interested in finding out anything I can about this figure, who apparently was active in the late 19th and very early 20th centuries in Europe and Latin America. I have found references to him on the Internet but no real biographical information or explanation of his importance. Thank you!

-- barry velleman (bvelleman@wi.rr.com), December 29, 2002


I see lots in French, Spanish, and Portuguese about him on the internet but, as you say, mostly brief mentions (as in the entry under "Muscle Reading" in Baldwin's 1901 _Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology_ (see: http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Baldwin/Dictionary/defs/M5defs.htm). There is a copy one of his books, in French, for sale at: http://www.bibliopolis.net/banque/cot/27/2702-17.htm.

There is nothing on him in Zusne's _Biogrpahical Dictionary of Psychology_. You might try the APA's recent _Encyclopedia of Psychology_ at your local library.

-- Christopher Green (christo@yorku.ca), December 29, 2002.

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Perhaps my colleague, Ray Hyman- can help. Ray is a professional magician and illusionist (among other things) and either he knows about Onofroff or knows who does. Dick Littman

-- Richard A. Littman (rlittman@DARKWING.UOREGON.EDU), December 30, 2002.

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