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Well, i guess the line sayz it al... Okey mate, heres my point: We love him, he loves naomi watts, she loves him, theyre a perfect couple, and i respect that. Im not gonna try to break them up some how, cuz he is happy with her... I would really like to know him personal just as a friend, but i would like to know even Rufus sewell, and he aint moms prettyst boy...They both look very noce to me, and i dont know what you guys think, but i do know that heath and naomi are a perfect couple, cuz theyre both hot, and damn good actors. So...i think...uh...okey, im talking to myself here...hehe...haaaaaaay! Sorry, i've got kinda dry humor... anyway... 4GET about him...no...dont...remember him, but keep it a bit normal, cuz if i was him, ill get nuts of all this attention. Now just hope he never reads this....>:( no, just kiddin... =xxx=

-- Only i know... (lovely_smile88@hotmail.com), December 30, 2002

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