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Please can you advice how to claim for independent living fund/or direct payments to assist me in caring for my two children age 3 and 4? I have applied to social services adult services to have help through a care agency for about twelve to fifteen hours per week but that was six weeks ago. I have phoned three times and also my health visitor has phoned and they have not assessed me yet. My doctor is about to write to them, please advise anything else. Janet

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2003


Dear Janet I was wondering if things have progressed for you since January. I also wanted to let you know about research that my colleagues and I will shortly be conducting on direct payments. We are planning to conduct a piece of research to identify the strengths, weaknesses and barriers to accessing direct payments from the perspective of parents of disabled children, disabled 16 and 17 year olds and disabled adults. We are looking for people to take part in our research now. Would you be interested in finding out more information on the project and maybe participating? Please do let me know either way.

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2003

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