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Many seem to be asking about what influenced the Art deco style - of course the answer isn't simple, but it kinda was a pendulum swing, where previous styles & popular culture theoretically rejected industrialization (Art Nouv., Arts& Crafts, Bauhaus) - Art Deco was a sort of embracing of technology, the future, consumerism & "modern". 'Streamlined' written by Steven Heller & Lois Fili, is a very good easy read which primarily focuses on Deco graphic design, but describes the cultural influences behind the entire movement. Another good book (slow-reading but very thorough & few pictures) is 'Bauhaus' by Frank Whitford. History & theory of Bauhaus movement, but includes all the details of Nouveau & Arts&Crafts as all these movements were very intertwined. And understanding Bauhaus is important to understand anything that's occured since.

-- Linda Georgian (, January 06, 2003

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