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why do parents who are disabled and have disabled children when they need help from sources like children and family services or know before as social services get no help and if they do social services would rather remendy the problem by taking the kid away get their federalgrant,stategrantmoney and and put you on aroller coaster ride and court after court and get away with perjury by law and also chid abuse like they did to my 12 year old mentally ill and mentally retarded daughter by place her in a2/3 foot room underneath the base ment steps for part of her punishment behavioer program and on occation held the door shut and she still resides at the treatment foster home after numerous mishaps have occuered near mosniee wisconsin distured parent how can they do this even when inadminastration codes its consdered child abuse and do nothing to the caregiver but still miss treat the parentss and also collect their 20,000 amonth they get for her care .

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2003

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